How many spots of gum should there be?
What are the chances of ice cream spilling here?
Should a mailbox be tagged at least three times or four?
The cement should be cracked and a little buckled.

How many rusted staples should their be in that telephone pole?
Should the grass be a little brown?
Should there be a plastic bag in that tree?
Should the trunk be stained with dog pee?

There are granite curbs, it must be New England.
In Baltimore there would be chicken bones everywhere.
Those weeds look tropical. It must be San Paulo.
How wet can Los Angeles be?

Does a sign in French make it Paris or Montreal?
Does a flyer in Chinese make it Hong Kong or New York?
I think I saw this lamp post in Kuala Lampur or was it Minneapolis?
It looks cold.

Someone left a shiny new bolt on that ledge.
Splattered paint on this crosswalk almost resembles a Polluck.
There is a pile of glitter near this storefront.
I can almost see myself there.

Kelly Egan July 2016